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What is the difference between a wired mouse and a wireless mouse?

Workflow using a wired mouse: LED (light-emitting diode) – optical lens – desktop – an optical sensor (SENSOR) – a master control chip (MCU) – a USB interface – Computer monitor Coordinate When the mouse moves, the optical sensor constantly collects each point on the desktop; the collected points are sent to the master control […]

The history of mouse development

The corresponding technology was also invented once the mouse was formally introduced to the PC. The technology that relied on different resistance to the position was fully abandoned and replaced by a pure digital technology mechanical mouse. The main difference between this mechanical mouse and the first-generation mechanical mouse wheel is that the bottom has […]

How does the mouse work

How does the mouse function?

Simply described, a mouse is a computer input device that uses the button and scroll wheel devices to position the pointer on the current screen and manipulates the screen elements at the location the cursor passes through. Dr. Douglas Engelbart and his colleague Bill Inglis designed the original mouse prototype in 1963, and on December […]