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How does the mouse function?

Simply described, a mouse is a computer input device that uses the button and scroll wheel devices to position the pointer on the current screen and manipulates the screen elements at the location the cursor passes through.
How does the mouse work
Dr. Douglas Engelbart and his colleague Bill Inglis designed the original mouse prototype in 1963, and on December 9, 1968, the world’s first mouse was created.

The initial mouse’s shell was a little wooden box designed to replace the tedious commands of the keyboard, making computer operation easier. The operating mechanism of this mouse is likewise very simple: the little ball at the bottom moves the pivot, which then drives the varistor to change the resistance value, producing the displacement signal, which is then transferred to the host computer.

The tail of this mouse then forms a line, giving it the appearance of a little mouse. As a result, people just dubbed it “Mouse,” which is where the term “mouse” comes from.

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