6 in 1 Kitchen Set


6 in 1 Kitchen Set $29.95

The 6-in-1 Kitchen Set is the perfect item for people who are looking for a more time-saving and easy way to filter oil. This set includes a funnel, can, and filters. The funnel helps with quicker and more convenient filling of the oil can, the can helps with being able to pour the filtered oil directly into a pan or container, and the filters help to ensure that your food is not contaminated with bad tasting.

  • FUNNELS SET of 6- Funnels set includes 4 different sizes. Large(3.9inch), medium(3.3inch), a small funnel(2.9inch) and the funnel base (3.5inch). Choose the right size according to your needs, which practicality can satisfy daily use and different needs.
  • FOOD GRADE FUNNELS– Made of food-grade plastics, BPA-free, safe to use. Compared with stainless steel funnels, they are not easy to deform or break, rust and corrosion.
  • FILTERS SUITABLE FOR ALL FUNNELS: detachable filter, all sizes of funnels included in the kit can be used. When you need to filter particles in the liquid, you can insert the filter into the funnel slot, which can help You deal with more complicated situations.
  • MULTIPLE USES: In addition to filling liquids, it can also fill various solid particles, such as spices, rice, beans, feed, powder, etc. In addition, the product has an egg separator for separating egg white and yolk. Their practicality can satisfy daily kitchen use.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: equipped with funnel base, all funnels are combined into one to save storage space for easy storage in kitchen cabinets, garages or utility.

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