Hot & Cold Laminator Machine And Paper Trimmer Corner Rounder


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Hot & Cold Laminator Machine And Paper Trimmer Corner Rounder (3)
Hot & Cold Laminator Machine And Paper Trimmer Corner Rounder $59.99

Our newest model features the best laminating technology available and uses double rolls and lightning-fast preheating to get you laminating in minutes! Just flip the switch, drop in a sheet, and you’ll be rolling in no time!

This hot and cold laminator kit comes with everything you need for any size project – 25 hot pockets, wide mouth rounders, hot and cold laminating capabilities, and a multi-pattern cutter. It’s a small, portable system with a lot of power!

Choose from wavy, straight or perforated to perform basic document cutting, create tear-off tickets or creatively cut photo and craft paper. We also offer an additional corner rounder so you can cut off unwanted sharp edges for a beautiful finish.

Our hot and cold laminators rarely jam, but if a jam does occur, the ABS (Anti-Stick Switch) will quickly release the bag and foil for easy removal. Cutters and rounders are designed to minimize blade exposure and eliminate the risk of personal injury.

Our laminator can help you keep your photos and documents clean and safe! Preheating takes only 3-5 minutes at a rolling speed of about 250mm/min. Paper of various sizes (maximum A4 paper) can be well laminated by this machine.

With the upgraded heating system, the laminating process will be safer to protect your machine and make it last up to one more year. Hot and cold rolling alternate for different needs to make it easier and more perfect for thermal rolling. If an error jam occurs, you can press the bag release button to solve it. It will not harm your device.

Equipped with a 3-in-1 paper cutter, it can cut three different patterns, straight, perforated, and wavy. You can choose any of your favorite designs to cut the bags. And the built-in rounded corner, which better protects your baby’s skin and your skin from injury.


  • Fast preheating in 3-5 minutes and high rolling efficiency of around 250mm/min
  • Suitable for various paper sizes with a maximum of A4 paper
  • The dual rail heating system allows for smoother lamination without bubbles or wrinkles
  • Support cold rolling and hot rolling to match different rolling sheet materials
  • The bag release button can help clear paper jams
  • 3-in-1 paper cutter lets you cut straight, corrugated and perforated
  • An overheating protection system can protect your device from burning
  • The rounded corner will prevent you from cutting your fingers


Color: Black
Dimension: 15″ x 5″ x 4″
Net Weight: 4 lbs
Rated Voltage: 110-120V/Hz
Rated Input Power: 260W max.
Laminating Speed: 250mm/min


1 x Cold Laminator
1 x Paper Trimmer
1 x Corner Rounder
25 x Pouches

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Dimensions 38.5 × 13.5 × 9.5 cm


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