Liquor Bottle Pourers Tapered With Rubber Cap (12 Pack)


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12 Pack Liquor Bottle Pourers Tapered With Rubber Cap
Liquor Bottle Pourers Tapered With Rubber Cap (12 Pack) $19.99

These liquor bottle pourers are made of 18/8 stainless steel. The liquor pourers are used worldwide by professionals and commercial bars. Can be used for a medium or high-speed pour. Fits most liquor and wine bottles, great for use with oil bottles too.

One-hand operation, no leakage, pour accurately and consistently.

This liquor spouts with tapered design offer control, accuracy and the most perfectly consistent pour speed every time. Perfect pouring by one hand with these pourers, reducing spillage and mess.

I no longer spill my favorite vodka onto my sweet cat.

These liquor bottle pourers allow you to press the air hole with your fingers to precisely control the pouring speed of the fluid when mixing up cocktails for your quests. Sealing for various sizes of liquor, wine, beer, vinegar and olive oil bottles.

Durable, Easy to Clean & Long Lasting.

These liquor bottle pourers fit a multitude of different liquor bottles, are easy to remove and replace, and simply hand wash in soapy water and you’ll be ready to use again. Perfect for bars, home kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, family parties, clubs, and diners.

Pouring drinking is so fun, No drinking too much, Please enjoy the thrill of easy cooking and bartending with liquor bottle pourers.


  • Package Quantity: 12 Pack
  • Type: With Rubber Cap
  • Color: Silver and Black
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces(167.26 g)
  • Size: 16.31 x 15.39 x 2.90 cm
  • Type: Liquor Bottle Pourers


12 * Liquor bottle pourers With Rubber Cap



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Weight 0.167 kg
Dimensions 16.31 × 15.39 × 12.90 cm


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