Portable Electric Coffee Grinder Automatic


Portable Electric Coffee Grinder Automatic $49.99

Portable, automatic, and easy to use

This coffee grinder is an automatic, and easy-to-use coffee grinder in the market.

This coffee grinder is perfect for coffee enthusiasts on the go. Whether you’re camping or just running errands, this portable coffee grinder will make sure your coffee is brewed to perfection. With a USB charging cord and a compact size, this coffee grinder is the perfect helper in your kitchen.

Electric Grinder Features:

  • QUICK GRINDING: This electric coffee grinder can be used to quickly grind coffee beans, allowing you to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee in your free time or busy work.
  • THICKNESS-FREE CONTROL: The powder is even and fine, and the thickness can be adjusted. The finest ground coffee powder can reach 30 meshes (>90%).
  • CERAMIC GRINDING CORE: The cone-shaped ceramic grinding core is not easy to generate heat, which reduces the loss of flavor and the off-flavors produced by extraction.
  • AUTO STOP: One key to open and close, automatically stop grinding when no beans, simple and convenient operation, allowing you to easily grind coffee beans.
  • PORTABLE SIZE: The coffee grinder has compact size. It is USB charging, and can be used for 1 week after charging. Very convenient for you to carry when you go traveling and enjoy aromatic coffee anytime, anywhere.

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