Silicone Clip On Pot Strainer


Silicone Clip On Pot Strainer $24.95

No more wasting pasta, rice, or whatever you need drained! With This?Clip On Strainer

Tired of spilling food all over your kitchen sink when you drain it?

We are too!

That’s why when we saw this handy kitchen gadget, we just had to bring it to our customers!

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Easily attach a strainer to a pot with two sturdy clips. The clip-on strainer will keep the food in the pot throughout the straining process, eliminating the hassle of transferring food between the strainer and the pot.

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How To Use:

Simply secure this strainer with the clips to the inside of your pots, pans or bowls, and pour. The silicone strainer will hold back the food while the liquid drains and pours out the spout.

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