Woodpecker Repellent With Double Ultrasonic Speaker


Woodpecker Repellent With Double Ultrasonic Speaker (3)
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Fed up with unwanted woodpeckers constantly in your yard?

They ruin the gardens we worked so hard on. This revolutionary ultrasonic woodpecker repellent keeps unwanted woodpeckers away from the area in a garden!

Keep Woodpeckers Off Your House

Keep Woodpeckers Off Your House!

Woodpeckers are fascinating birds, but their pecking may be harmful. This is especially problematic if they are pecking on your house, generally to sound out their area (assuming your house isn’t infested with pests). The most prevalent complaints:

  • Pecking holes all over house exterior
  • Pecking enough holes to kill trees
  • Creating a lot of noise

Ultrasonic Woodpecker Repellent Solar Powered Deterrent to Woodpecker

Woodpecker Repellent with 360° Double Ultrasonic Speakers
Woodpecker Repellent with 110° PIR Sensor
Woodpecker Repellent Easy Use

Effective Woodpecker Repellent

The Latest in Sonic Technology

Effective Woodpecker Repellent

Are you tired of dealing with woodpecker intruders who ruin your lawn or vegetable garden?

Do you want to keep stray woodpeckers at bay while also protecting your family and pets?

The woodpecker repellent is the ideal solution!

No Dead Woodpeckers with Woodpecker Repellent

Humanized design

No Dead Woodpeckers

The Solar Woodpecker Repeller uses no chemicals to drive the woodpecker away.

The ultrasonic speaker emits frequencies from 13.5kHz to 45kHz, at sound pressure levels of 110dB. It Deterrent to rats, squirrels, deer, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, dogs, and cats.

And there will be no harm to the human body. And it will not harm your cats, dogs, or other pets.

Solar Powered Woodpecker Repellent

With a long-lasting super Li-Ion battery

Solar Powered

No wiring, no batteries to repair, and a solar panel on top of the device that captures the sun’s energy and recharges the batteries (3 AA rechargeable batteries included).

Simply take it out of the box and stake it into the ground using the provided stakes.

How Does the Woodpecker Repellent Works

Motion Detection System

How it Works

The woodpecker repellent emits a variety of loud ultrasonic noises to frighten off a wide range of woodpeckers.

For best performance, the built-in motion detection sensor is very sensitive and will activate at an angle of 110 degrees and a distance range of 25-33 feet.

The Woodpecker Repellent Easy to Installation

Simply turn on the device, and that’s all

Easy to Installation

And it easy to install, whether on your wall or fence or simply inserted in the ground, this ultrasonic repellent keeps at bay small rodents, deers, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, cats, dogs, and more away.

Specifications of The Woodpecker Repellent


Product Name: Solar Powered Ultrasonic Woodpecker Repeller
Product Type: Woodpecker Repellent
Material: ABS Plastic
Unit Dimensions: 15 × 8.5 × 37.5 cm
Unit Weight: 0.3 kg
Power Supply: 4 x 2/3AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Power Consumption: working=150mA standby <10uA
Ultrasonic Frequency: 13.5k-45KHz
Coverage Area: 110-degree, 33 feet

Dos and Don’ts after receiving the repellent

  1. Peel off the transparent protective coating on the top of the solar panel of the ultrasonic woodpecker repellent to ensure it can absorb sunlight efficiently.
  2. Do not cover up the woodpecker repellent’s PIR sensor and choose a place where the solar panel on the top can get as long-time sunshine as possible.
  3. Install the solar woodpecker repellent device in the direction that woodpeckers come from to get a better effect.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 15 × 8.5 × 37.5 cm
Package Quantity: No selection

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