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This brings you the perfect gift for any freshwater fishing enthusiast!

Inside you will find a beautiful. compact. A water-resistant case under door #1. The 23 compartments to follow reveal all sorts of fantastic high-quality fishing gear to fill that box up. 

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There’s a gift every day to help count down until Christmas. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet. we’ve selected just what you need to get out on the water and get into the action. Great for bass. trout. panfish and much more. much more.

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All calendars have the exact same contents however lure colours may vary. All lures are saltwater friendly as well. Make sure to rinse lures after use in salt water to prolong their life.

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I have put more than 100 hours of design into this calendar. I have designed the calendar to open just like a traditional tack box.I am very proud of this product and I hope it brings many smiles to the recipient.

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Note: Please remember there are very sharp hooks in this calendar making it not safe for small children. Parental supervision is required.


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  • 1 x Fishing Tackle Advent Calendar

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