Liquor Bottle Pourers

This Liquor Bottle Pourers will help you pour the liquid from the bottle accurately and quickly. This metal wine pourer consists of a long metal nozzle and a rubber seal. The long nozzle reduces spillage and allows for precise, high-flow pouring. The rubber seal prevents liquor from running out and dirtying the double water.

Liquor Bottle Pourers
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Are You Having Trouble Pouring Drinks?

  • A crowded happy hour with no liquor pourers resulting in bar chaos and spilled drinks.
  • While we struggle to control the pour, customers continue to wait in line for their drinks.

Use these metal bottle pourers to help you make your drinks accurately and quickly. The long nozzle reduces spillage and allows for precise, high-flow pouring. Standard metal wine pourers usually come with a rubber seal to prevent drinks from running out and staining the double water.

Competent bar owners or bartenders know that pouring nozzles can help you pour accurately and quickly without making any mess.

Why use a liquor pourer?

Use quick liquor bottle pourers to quickly and easily pour a glass of wine into any glass. Simplifying the flow of liquid from the bottle, it helps prevent spills and splashes while providing better control over the amount of wine poured. Some are even designed for precise pouring every time.

The spout streamlines and guides the liquid away from the bottle. This means faster pouring, better control over the flow of liquid and fewer spills.

While liquor pourers are a common bar accessory, restaurants also use pouring spouts for pouring oils and other liquids. They are also used in coffee shops to make regular and custom drinks.

What is a wine pourer?

Pour spouts are small but sturdy pillars of the bar industry. Although they are often overlooked, they are vital to the success of any bartender. Sometimes referred to as wine pourers, speed liquor pourers or bottle pourers, pouring spouts are the unsung heroes behind every cocktail.

How can I best use liquor bottle pourers?

Place the quick liquor bottle pourers in the bottle so that the pouring hole is facing the front label. This way, you will always know which way the hole is pointing.

To slow down the pour, plug the air hole at the top of the bottle pourers with your finger.

Place the bottle upside down over the glass and pour 1.5 ounces on the count of three.

Common components of liquor pour spouts

While each pours spout style is unique, there are commonalities. Each design considers these different components in a unique way. Let’s look at three common components.

#1 Fin systems for various neck diameters

Almost all inverted nozzles have some type of flexible fin system that can accommodate different bottleneck diameters. Pour spouts need to be designed to accommodate the various bottleneck sizes on the market.

#2 Air tube system for changing liquid to air

Essentially, liquor bottle pour spouts must have some type of air tube system that exchanges liquid for air as it is poured out. The nozzle has an air hole on the outside for drawing in air. The gurgling sound you hear as you pour in the liquid is the exchange of liquid for air. This system plays an important role in preventing leaks and maintaining airflow inside and outside the bottle. If this hole is blocked, the flow of liquid will slow down.

#3 Conical spout directs the flow of water

Of course, they all have some type of conical nozzle to direct the flow of water. The liquor bottle pours spout has a small tube that runs inside the pour spout to release the liquid.