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Ever feel like someone is watching you? Do you suspect someone knows what’s happening when they are not there? Then it would help if you had a camera detector. In the ever-progressing tech-driven world, cameras have become smaller and easier for criminals to get their hands on.

They could be in a clock, a television, or even a tiny hole in a ceiling, but they have a weakness; each has a lens and a lens finder exploits this. It doesn’t matter how well hidden the video recorder is; the lens finder on this device will find it, even if it is turned off.

Our bug detector allows you to locate wireless frequencies like bugs, audio transmitters, illegal wireless tapping devices, or hidden wireless cameras. With the built-in lens finder, you can detect wired or wireless cameras whether the cameras are turned on or not.

Keep Your Privacy Secured

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Find one, find them all. This is the latest in hidden camera finding technology. This dual search tool is designed specifically to quickly locate hidden cameras lenses without the need for expensive bug detectors. It is compact, great for travel, easy to operate, and will identify any covert camera.

It doesn’t matter if the intrusive recording device is on, off, hardwired, or wireless. It will locate the exact position of the lens.

Also, the built-in RF detector can detect wireless frequencies in the range of 1 MHz-6.5 GHz. Perfect for identifying if a wireless camera or bug is transmitting in the area.

Anti-Spy Detector Audio Bug RF Signal Finder Tracker Camera Lens Device Finder - Picture 10 of 12

See the red viewport at the top of the detector? You look through it and hit the ‘blink’ button on the side this makes the LEDs blink outward towards whatever you’re looking at. The bright red light bounces off of pinhole camera lenses, which then goes back to the viewport you’re looking through. It’s very obvious when you’ve found a lens, which you can then closely investigate.

Before sweeping for bugs or hidden cameras, unplug and disconnect all WiFi connections, routers, cell phones, and other wireless devices so their signals won’t interfere with your sweep.

When using a hidden camera finder, split the room to be searched into quadrants. Then, sweep one quadrant at a time. This assures that you more fully check all areas of the room.

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